Phil asked, “Do they have crawfish?” Boy howdy, do they ever have crawfish. Folks line up ten deep, especially on payday, where they get hot, steaming bags of huge crawfish by the pound. But, that’s not the only thing cooking. They have some of the best fried food around – shrimp, fish, potato wedges, turkey wings, and more. They, however, are especially known for those wangs!! HOT, CRISPY, JUICY. In the word’s of Ms. Fern, “They are off the chain!!” They have two separate steam tables, one loaded up with soul food – collard greens, boiled cabbage, green beans – and the other with a variety of Asian-inspired dishes – fried rice, egg rolls, Chow Mein noodles, sesame chicken. A small meat and side is only $3.59 but you can get more than twice that amount for $5.99.

One Stop
601 S. Broadway
McComb, MS 39648