Charles R. Crossley

Charles R. Crossley, Sr. of McComb, Mississippi was an African American artist who was influenced by artists Pablo Picasso, Romare Bearden and Jacob Lawrence and was good friends with the late John T. Scott; an African American sculptor, painter, printmaker, and professor of art at Xavier University in New Orleans. When I first moved to McComb, I met his wife Fern Crossley and she introduced me to him and his work. He loved teaching art to children in the community. He has left a major imprint on the arts scene in McComb. On December 27, 2012, at the young age of 74, he passed away while still creating and planning new paintings. To see more of his life’s work, visit the Charles R. Crossley Website. The Charles R. Crossley Memorial Gallery, where the bulk of his estate is housed, is open by appointment.

Charles R. Crossley Memorial Gallery
325 N. Front St.
McComb, MS 39648

do it Pike County

Most art shows are collections of works by an artist or group of artists. do it is a different kind of exhibition, one that has taken place again and again around the world with a different look each time.

It began in 1993 as a conversation between a Swiss curator and two artists, exploring whether traditional exhibition formats could become more open-ended. They asked whether a show could take written instructions as a point of departure, each of which could be interpreted anew every time it was enacted. The curator invited 12 artists to send instructions, which were translated into 9 different languages and circulated internationally as a book. In the years since, the set of instructions has grown to over 250, and do it has been featured in at least 50 different locations worldwide, including major museums and university galleries.

This iteration of do it Pike County organized by Pike School of Art – Mississippi is the very first presentation of an Independent Curators International exhibition in the state of Mississippi. Instructions will be interpreted by student artists from Jubilee Performing Arts Center (JPAC) and members of the community. Exhibitions and events will take place at St. Andrew’s Activity Center, Pike County Chamber of Commerce, McComb Public Library, and Percy Quin State Park. The exhibition is a P.S. Satellite of Prospect New OrleansProspect.4: The Lotus in Spite of the Swamp taking place concurrently in nearby New Orleans.

For information on calls, upcoming events and performances, and a behind-the-scenes look at do it Pike County, please visit